Morning, So Fair to See

Morning, So Fair to See
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Morning So Fair to See  (2012)

Upbeat and rhythmic setting of Silliman text.  SATB, Unaccompanied.  Medium-Difficult.  Sound file coming soon.

Practice files found here  at Ryan's Website.

Text:  Vincent Silliman  (additional - Ryan Marvel)

"Morning so fair to see, Night veiled in Mystery

Glorious is the earth and resplendent skies.

Pilgrims we march along, singing our joyous song,

Of this earthly paradise.

Glorious is each wonder the seasons bring.

Still shall our pilgrim song, bouyant and brave and strong,

Resound while mountains last.

Brighter is faith's surmise, shining in pilgrim eyes,

From which our waking spirits spring. 

(And we sing)

Glorious, glorious, glorious is the earth and resplendent skies.

Age after age we rise, 'neath the eternal skies.

Into the light from the shadowed past.

(Let me hear ya sing)

Glorious, glorious, glorious,  is the earth and resplendent skies. 

Tall are the verdant trees; deep are the flashing seas; what glories the seasons bring; from which our spirits' spring.

Glorious is the earth, Hallelujah!"

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